Product Cabin air filter

TOYOTA BOSHOKU cabin air filter

TOYOTA BOSHOKU cabin air filters trap and reduce a quantity of fine particles such as dust, sand, pollen, and soot included air coming from outside of a vehicle, an odor of exhaust gas, fungus and mold which cause allergies, as well as the smells of smoking and pets from inside of the vehicle We provide you with a secure, safe and comfortable air interior space. We prepare various types of cabin air filters to suit each customer's requirement.

Commitment of TOYOTA BOSHOKU cabin air filter

High air flow performance (ease of air flow)

Stable air volume

Stable air volume is required to maintain air conditioning performance. TOYOTA BOSHOKU cabin air filters are designed focusing on shape, hardness, material and weight, and secure excellent dust holding performance as well as air flow performance.

Capture floating particles such as pollen and dust steadily

High dust removal

By mixing fine fiber, and using a high performance filter medium to eliminate small particles.

New development High deodorizing activated carbon captures unpleasant smells


Use newly developed high deodorizing activated carbon for filtering and reducing unpleasant odors such as exhaust gas, smoke pet orders, etc. Provide with clean air to car interior space.

Possible to choose types with special functions

Prepare various products to respond to customers' requirements such as anti-virus, antibacterial, mildew proof, suppress allergens, PM2.5 block, and increased moisturizing effect by releasing vitamin C.