Premium filterAir filter

Protect engine components and keep perfromance

MIRO, the TB's premium air filter traps fine particles by high perfomance two-layer filter

MIRO reduces amount of penetrated particles of 0.3 μm size to 1/4, in comparison with our coventional products. The function reduces damages of engine compornents by dusts in the air and keeps engine performance. e.g. Piston ring wear reduction, stable engine ideling speed and CO2 & NOx generation inhibition.

Improve engine perforemance

MIRO, the TB's premium air filter reduces air flow resistance. The resistance is cut by 10% from our conventional products. Smooth air flow improves engine perforemance such as its power and acceleator response.

Compactness and lightweight

MIRO, the TB's premium air filter is compact and light. It saves the size by 20% and the weight by 30% from our conventional products and improves fuel economy and serviceability - replacement operation.